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What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance?

Understanding how the banks charge Mortgage Insurance can be complicated and confusing. This short video explains it.

What is redraw on a loan?

Understanding what redraw means and how you can put extra money into your loan and redraw (take it back).

House and Land Packages explained

You don’t have to go to one builder or one agent for your dream home, you can create it yourself! Here’s how.

Overdue Tax debts to be on Credit File

From 1 July 2017, those with overdue tax debts will be disclosed to credit reporting agencies. This could impact borrowers not only by making it harder to obtaining finance in the future, but that existing finance and supplier arrangements could be withdrawn. One major bank that has business owners with overdrafts will quite often review…

Commonwealth Bank Changes interest only loans

From Monday 22 May 2017 the following changes apply. Reduced discounts for new Owner Occupied / Investment Home Loans with Interest Only payments  ► We are reducing the discounts offered in the Home Loan Pricing Tool (HLPT) for new Home / Investment Home Loans with IO payments.  ► If you submit a pricing request for…

Robbies Roar, Charity Event

On the 16th of May, I was very fortunate to play in a charity event for Robbies Roar, hosted by the Commonwealth Bank. A little bit below about Robbie “On the 27/10/2014 at the age of 5 and ½ months old our beautiful son, Robbie, contracted Meningococcal B septicaemia. As a result of this in…

Interest Rate Rises Not the Banks Fault!

Sounds rather surprising, doesn’t it? The news regularly reports that the “Big Four” are declaring billions of dollars in profit and a chunk of that is coming from “Mum and Dad” investors and homebuyers who are paying over the odds in interest on their loans. Well in many cases yes, property buyers are paying more…

You don’t have to change Banks to GET a BETTER RATE!

Are you happy with your current interest rate?  If you are, fantastic, well done!   But if you’re thinking: “I’m not really sure anymore. Rates have changed so much lately.”“Well it’s not great but I don’t really have the time, or need the    hassle to do anything about it.”“I don’t think my bank will…

Best Caravan Park in W.A.

t’s no secret that our great state of Western Australia contains some of the most beautiful landscapes in this country! From stunning beaches to our rugged bushland, it really is a camping and caravanning haven. With many places an easy drive from Perth, an enjoyable weekend away is achievable.  Here are a few of our…

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