Dual occupancy investment

Dual occupancy benefits

A dual occupancy investment can now offer a double income solution on a single green titled lot.

"Every Block over 450m2 now has duplex potential".

With the one home you can now create a real double income strategy. The income is nearly as good as owning two freehold duplex homes but without having to fund a second free standing home.

  • Funding one home not two
  • If one tenant leaves, there is still income from the other tenant
  • Serviceability is easier if there are two incomes
  • Rentability is easier and more secure as the rents are cheaper than the average
  • Can be built on a green tiled lot
  • No strata fees
  • Most often are cash positive property investments
  • Not as reliant on tax benefits and negative gearing

Dual occupancy finance

Being so new to the Perth marketplace, dual occupancy finance requires the greatest of care and professional advice. Valuers view Du-Oc differently. Our banking network requires more checks and balances to this type of investment. Because our Finance Team understand Du-Oc investing we have sourced a professional building group, Dual Income Plus, solely focused on multi living and dual occupancy house design and construction for your benefit.

Tick Finance offers an end to end solution to your next project.

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