Refinancing your loan

Do you think you are paying too much for your home loan? Has your friend got a better rate? Then maybe refinancing is an option for you. As market conditions, personal circumstance and possibly even loan requirements change, the benefits of refinancing may be worthwhile.

What other factors influence the decision to refinance?

One of the key considerations when deciding to refinance is the terms and conditions of your current home loan contract. Refinancing can be expensive!

Our job is to find you a better rate. This could even be at your current lender! As we deal with them all the time we can argue on your behalf for a better rate.

Banks all want good quality customers but they forget to tell you that you are entitled to a better rate. Now that’s where we come in. We can fight for you to get a better deal with your current lender. And the best thing? It doesn’t cost you a cent! Whereas refinancing to another lender can sometimes be expensive and have the hassle of changing bank account details and direct debits.

Why should you consider refinancing?

  1. To take advantage of lower interest rates
  2. To borrow additional funds
  3. To consolidate your loans and debt
  4. To look at loans with additional features and benefits.

We will make enquiries on your behalf, identify the fees and charges and look at other loan options to see if the benefits outweigh the costs. Only then should you proceed to a refinance.


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