Are you happy with your current interest rate?  If you are, fantastic, well done!  

But if you’re thinking:

“I’m not really sure anymore. Rates have changed so much lately.”“Well it’s not great but I don’t really have the time, or need the  

 hassle to do anything about it.”
“I don’t think my bank will give me a better rate even if I asked.”

At Tick Finance we specialise in researching and negotiating better interest rates with the banks on behalf of our clients at their existing bank.  It costs our clients nothing and it saves them money.  Potentially thousands of dollars!

Put us in your corner and see what we can do to help save you some money.

You never know what options may be there for you!


The material provided is for information purposes only and is not to be considered financial advice. The information offered by us is to be used as a guide in attaining finance and has been given in good faith.  As lenders reserve the right to change the terms and conditions of loans without notice it is advised that you carefully check the documentation provided by lenders before formally agreeing to a loan. We recommend that you obtain financial and legal advice before acting on any information provided.